Transforming Lives.

Inspiring Change.

A beacon of hope and transformation for incarcerated individuals in Clark County Jail. Our goal is to guide these men and women toward a life of spiritual growth, change, and productivity, both during their time in jail and as they reintegrate into society.

Enhancement Inmate Support Beyond Tradition

Our robust volunteer network helps us offer various services, including personal visitations, small group discussions, and educational materials distribution. We go beyond the traditional roles of jail ministries by providing tailored programs that address critical issues inmates face. These range from drug and alcohol recovery and mental health to workforce development and spiritual nourishment.

A Legacy of Support

Born out of the collective efforts of Clark County Churches over three decades ago, the Jail Chaplaincy continues to be our backbone. This Christian-based jail ministry aligns closely with our values and mission, offering invaluable support in coaching, guiding, and praying for inmates. We are in the privileged position of repairing them for a fulfilling, crime-free life upon their return to the Clark County community.

Jail Chaplaincy

Board of Trustees

We are governed and advised by a dedicated group of community leaders who offer expertise in steering the Jonah Project. Our Board includes:

Mike McDorman


Viv Barrett

Vice Chair

Ed Jones



Rick Wade
Tony Hannon
Nate Mohler
Neil Beckner
Tom Howard
Jay Weygandt
Tony Bailey

Advisory Members

Carl Schrailbman
Dustin Hughes
Vince Chase

Together, we are committed to unlocking the potential in every individual we serve, fostering a cycle of positive change and community betterment.

Thank you for being a part of this transformative journey.

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