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Guiding incarcerated individuals into hope, cultivating growth and change, and empowering them to be productive citizens both in jail and after release.

Mission & Vision

Our mission statement is to personify faith, hope, and love to both the Clark County Sheriff’s departments, inmates, and any other persons, groups or agencies involved. 

The vision of the Clark County Jail Chaplaincy is to be a Christian jail ministry that works with men and women who are incarcerated in the Clark County Jail. We coach, we guide, we pray for and we prepare them for a productive, crime-free life after they are released from incarceration and return to our community.

We also strive to help our County’s incarcerated men and women be successful individuals in all areas of life and to prepare them to return back to society with the resources needed to produce positive change. We do this through our support groups, one on one mentoring, and media programs.

About Us

The Jonah Project is a Christian based non-profit that works with men and women who are incarcerated in the Clark County Jail. We work with Many Volunteers to help coach, guide, and pray for inmates as they seek to live a different life when they return to our community. 

We work in the jail with inamtes to provide services such as personal visitation, small groups, literature distribution, and other curriculum-based programs helping addressdrug and alcohol recovery, mental health, workforce development, and spiritual needs. 

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Searching for Volunteers

The Jonah Project can only do what we do because of our phenomenal volunteers. If you’re interested in teaching, preaching, leading small groups, or spiritually connecting with inmates one-on-one, reach out today!

Now Accepting Donations

We appreciate your support through donations of time, money, or items. Within our local jail system, many individuals are facing challenges. Your contribution can make a meaningful difference in their lives.

Need Support?


Key Vision TV

Key Vision TV provides media resources for incarcerated individuals no matter where they are on their journey. Whether they’re new arrivals to the jail or preparing themselves for release, Key Vision TV equips inmates with information about substance abuse recovery, cognitive behavior therapy, workforce development, and more.
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Clark County Substance Abuse and Treatment Coalition

Business owners, first responders, non-profit directors, and other influential people in Clark County have united to battle our community’s substance abuse epidemic. The coalition aims to provide education, support, and resources for recovering addicts and their families, friends, and other loved ones.
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Additional Resources

Whether you’re a newly released inmate, the loved one of an incarcerated individual, or simply a concerned citizen of Clark County, the Jonah Project is here to equip you with knowledge. Our Resources page connects you to multiple community resources, including relevant videos, research articles, and local non-profits.

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